Human Resource Solutions

Is your pharmacy's production negatively affected due to staffing concerns?
Are you plagued with additional challenges due to understaffed Executives?
Are you interested to outsource your HR/Marketing functions?

Are you in search of the Training solutions for your Executives & Managers?
APLE can help by increasing your workforce efficiencies and making your life easier.

Executive Search

The APLE selection service is independent; we work as managers of the client organization in order to identify the ‘highest calibre individuals’ irrespective of source. Through our comprehensive database of candidate’s technical abilities and expertise, we are able to search for potential matches between candidate and client company requirements.

Candidates undergo a comprehensive interview and selection process that includes the following elements:

  • Submission of CV and completed standard application form to APLE.
  • Initial Pre-screening interview for a specific position with an open end channel of communication to understand the need and desires of candidates, which in turn allows us to locate the right job for the right candidate.

We believe we must listen and respond according to the needs of the candidates, before forwarding them to any company.

  • The client company's selection process will then be engaged. APLE co-ordinates the logistics of client interviews with the candidate. This includes confirmation of interview dates, times, venue etc.
  • Most clients have a two stage process which often involves an interview with a Regional Business Manager either followed with a further interview or Telephonic interview followed by final in the Head Office of the client.
  • As appropriate APLE will undertake a pre-client interview discussion with the candidate.
  • Following client company interviews, APLE will obtain both candidate and client company feedback.
  • APLE will follow-up with both candidate and client at pre-determined intervals.

Human Resource Outsourcing

Many of our clients use APLE to manage complete projects as we form a credible link between HR and Sales Management. This enables sales managers to concentrate on core activities, yet still leaves them in control of the decision making process.

Besides providing staffing solutions, APLE Pharma is the Marketing partner of Cipla Ltd., taking care of its leading brands in North India.

APLE is also looking forward to join hands with leading Pharmaceutical companies to work under the same profile.